Rug Shapes

Large Rectangle

Large rectangle rugs are the ideal choice for spacious living areas such as great rooms, family rooms and living rooms. They anchor room decor by pulling together all the various pieces into a cohesive, finished look, but their decorative qualities don’t stop there! Large rectangle rugs also work beautifully when placed beneath a king or queen-sized bed in the master bedroom or under a grand table in the dining room. (Learn more about: How to Arrange an Area Rug).

Medium Rectangle Area Rug

Medium rectangular area rugs are ideally sized for modest sized living rooms, family rooms, bedrooms, or beneath a table in the dining room. A good rule of thumb is that a rug should cover most of a room but leave about 18 to 24 inches of space away from all walls. To learn more about how to arrange a medium size rug in any room follow this link - How to Arrange an Area Rug.

Oval Area Rugs

Have an unconventionally shaped room or a large hallway or entryway? An oval rug can be an ideal choice for these living spaces. They add a unique look and feel to room décor, with many styles conveying true Americana character. Oval rugs also work beautifully beneath an oval dining table, mimicking its rounded silhouette for an added sense of depth. See the Safavieh Braided Rug Collectionfor a large selection of oval shaped area rugs.

Oversized Area Rugs

Usually defined as any rug 12 feet wide/long or greater, oversized rugs are best for very large living spaces or open floor plans, conveying a sense of implied boundaries in these, as well as any multi-purpose room layout. Safavieh oversized rugs are also an ideal choice for great rooms, beautifully adorning these spacious areas in myriad of patterns and designs. From contemporary and traditional to our oversized outdoor rugs, you'll find a wide selection of "grand" rugs throughout the Safavieh Rug Catalog.

Round Area Rugs

Round rugs are an incredibly versatile decorative element. They look right at home when placed beneath certain furniture pieces such as circular tables while also casting a grand appearance when displayed in larger rooms. Round rugs are a great option in smaller living spaces too, elevating the aesthetic and imagined size of these rooms with their continuous shape. For a unique artistic look, try using a round rug under a square table in the breakfast nook.

Runner Area Rug

Runners are an area rug shape designed to accentuate narrow spaces and create a "decorative" path from one room to the next. Runner rugs can range from 5 feet in length to as long as 12 feet and longer. Use a runner rug to highlight a hallway, enrich the entryway, or to a touch of beauty to the sides or foot of a bed!

Medium Rectangle Rug

Small rectangle rugs can be the key element in adding a sense of dimension to modest sized living spaces, filling them with color and alluring patterns. Small rectangular rugs pull-together all the furnishings in room (much like any other size area rug) while also creating a distinct, decorative contrast with the underlying floor material. Use small rectangle area rugs in the family room, under small dining tables, under a bed, or in apartments and lofts.

Square Area Rug

Square area rugs offer a distinctive alternative to rectangular shaped rugs for larger living areas or the master suite. They are also ideal for square rooms where rectangular shapes could look out of place. The perfectly even shape of square rugs also offers a wonderful complement tosquare or circular tables, unifying furnishings with elegant symmetry.

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